Friday, January 4, 2013

Welcome Suzan Littlething !

Hi Parrot Heads,

after a small live shows break, it is time for a new show with live musicians.

Therefore we are proud to present you one of the best live musicians Suzan Littlething !

Suzan is singer and songwriter and influenced by The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Eagles and many more. But she also writes her own songs, and i can promise you, they are great ! Suzan sings live and plays live guitar without any backing tracks. 

For more information about Suzan, please click here.

Suzans first show at the Crazy Parrot is going to be Friday, 25.January at 12pm-1pm slt. 

A warm welcome to Suzan and we are pleased and proud to have you at the Crazy Parrot Club !

- Fi -

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