Monday, April 29, 2013

The Crazy Parrot Crocodile

Hi Parrot Heads !

As you already know, we have 2 Crocodiles at the Crazy Parrot Club. Those who didnt know that, you can find them in our wonderful river at the landing point.

Anyhow, since almost 3 months i was searching for one crocodile. It just disapeared and i could not find it anymore. And no, i am not a blind fish ! My SL eyes are pretty good. Even Bob was not able to find it and usually he is able to find all and everything.

Today i came to Parrots and saw something dark green and weird looking sticking out of the water. I was wondering what the hell is that ?! 

Yes, thats a part of our crocodile. To be more precise, the lower part .... But it still moved so i was sure its not complete death. And only god knows how our crocodile was able to stay alive with a head stucked in the sand. So i called it and suddenly it turned around ...

Crocodile is now save again .... Its a good feeling to start your day with something useful like rescuing crocodiles ... And i am sure his wife was happy too to see his face again ... It must be boring to watch 3 months long a crocodile butt ...

On that note, i wish everyone a wonderful day and those who are at the other side of the world a wonderful evening/night ...

Come and visit us and our "fresh-saved" crocodile couple and hope to see you soon ...
Yours, Fi ;)

26.April - Pippi Longstocking Event

coming soon ...

19.April - Lord of the Rings and Suzan Littlething LIVE

coming soon ...

12.April - Coca Cola Event

coming soon ...

5.April - Married ... with Children Event

coming soon ...

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Last Friday's Harry Potter Night

This Friday - Suzan Littlething LIVE

Hi Parrot Heads,

this Friday, 25.January at 12pm-1pm slt our wonderful Suzan Littlething is going to have her first LIVE SHOW at the Crazy Parrot Club !

Suzan always sings live, plays guitar live and even writes own songs which she is going hopefully to perform this Friday for us ;)

The first time i saw Suzan's show, i was so impressed. Especially when she sang her own songs. That's why i am very proud to have Suzan at the Crazy Parrot Club and i am sure you will love her too !

Also please don't forget, we have
"Rocky Horror Picture Night" and I'm looking forward to see fantastic and creative costumes ! 

Please note : Unlike all other Fridays, our Event this Friday is going to start one hour sooner ( 11am - 4pm slt ) !
Come on over, bring your friends, your sweetheart, your neighbor, don't miss Suzans wonderful voice and join our party !

Yours, Fi ;)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hosting classes

Hello all!!! always wanted to be a host/hostess but you arent sure about what you have to do?? Come to our Crazy School on Saturday 19th January 4-5pm sl time and i'll teach you the basics (teleport board to the school is on the pier, on the left of the landing point).

Dj Bfly

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ducktales Event last Friday

Hi Parrot Heads,

enclosed a few pictures of our wonderful DuckTales Event last Friday ...

Group Picture with Carolus, Mac, Etain, Cedar, Vicky, Rob, Bob and Fi ;)

Here you can see dancing ducks ! 
They are all happy they didnt end up on the BBQ grill (thank you cedar and bob for that lol )

Carolus Duck before he started to pee on our stage ... He didnt get enough kissies from Mac, so he started to kiss Calypso Bob (did he know Calypso Bob is gay? ) 

Friday, January 4, 2013

Welcome Suzan Littlething !

Hi Parrot Heads,

after a small live shows break, it is time for a new show with live musicians.

Therefore we are proud to present you one of the best live musicians Suzan Littlething !

Suzan is singer and songwriter and influenced by The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Eagles and many more. But she also writes her own songs, and i can promise you, they are great ! Suzan sings live and plays live guitar without any backing tracks. 

For more information about Suzan, please click here.

Suzans first show at the Crazy Parrot is going to be Friday, 25.January at 12pm-1pm slt. 

A warm welcome to Suzan and we are pleased and proud to have you at the Crazy Parrot Club !

- Fi -

Friday, 4.January - Rock of Ages Event

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcome to 2013

Hi Parrot Heads,
i hope you had a wonderful night and WELCOME TO 2013 !
The neighbors almost burnt my car with fireworks but beside this i had a wonderful evening with Bob. Traditionally we watched "Dinner for one" and "Ein Herz und eine Seele". A must do for New Year in Germany and very funny as every year.
The next 12 months are full with plans  for the Crazy Parrot Club. We are still working on new Events with new live musicians and new themes. Also we are still searching for a Manager who wants to help us here and there. If you think you want to do this job, please let me know ;)
I wish you a wonderful relaxed day, and see you later at the Crazy Parrot Club.
- Fi -