Monday, December 31, 2012

Fi's last words in 2012

Hi Parrot Heads,

Just a few hours left in 2012, we are close to start a new year and it is time for a few special words. 

The Crazy Parrot Club was my first place in SL and i still don't know how i ended up there as a noob. This was in December 2009. 
I found lots of wonderful and friendly people. They all welcomed and helped me at the beginning of my SL journey. 

When i was 2 weeks old, the former owner offered me a job as a hostess at the Crazy Parrot Club.  At first I was shocked about this offer. Here i must say, where i come from, the word "hostess" is used as an other word for prostitute (yes, my english was really bad while that time lol). So I 
started to work as a hostess, and had lots of fun and a wonderful time with all parrots heads and our parrot staff team.

Beginning of 2011 i become manager and just a few months later i got the bad news, the Crazy Parrot Club its going to be closed forever.

I cried 5 days long and could not believe it. I cried in silence because beside the former owner, i was the only one who knew it, while lots of staff member and Crazy Parrot guests told me how much they love this very special club. I didn't know what to do, all i knew was SL would not be the same for me without the Crazy Parrot Club.

After 5 days full with tears my partner bobsknief Orsini promised to support me and the Crazy Parrot Club wherever he can. With this promise I decided to take the club over. It was not an easy descission, i never wanted to own a club and i didn't know what the future is serving me. 

The Crazy Parrot Club was always known as a very helpful place. Lots of clubs say "we are a family", but most of the time they are full of drama and trouble. While i worked at the Crazy Parrot Club, i was hostess and manager in a lots of other clubs, so i know what i am talking about. Unlike these other clubs the Crazy Parrot Club has always been a REAL family.

I didn't know if it is the right thing to take the club over and to try to keep it running. But with the help of all staff member and lots of Crazy Parrot Club friends i can now proudly say


At this point i want to say a special thank you to a few people :

bobsknief Orsini (DJ, partner, bf SL and RL) :

I met you the first time in January 2010. I rented one of your houses and i had 6 wonderful months there (before you closed it and you kicked me lol). Last year June you "found me back" and in a few weeks we are moving together RL. You supported me and the club wherever you could and you still do. Together we share and realize ideas to keep the Crazy Parrot Club as a home for many people. I know, sometimes it is hard with me, and i dont know where you got your patience from. I thank you for all your help and for being my partner in crime.
Butterfly1980 Magic (DJ, Hostess, friend, helping hand) 
Beginning of 2011 i hired her as a dancer for an other club and noticed fast, she is a very talented person. Just a few weeks later she started as a hostess at the Crazy Parrot Club and wanted to be a DJ too. Now she is one of the best DJs, one of the friendliest and funniest hostess, my right hand in SL and a good friend in RL. I am glad we met eachother and i want to thank you for all your help.
Cedar (dance leader, "decoration department", friend) : 
He joined our team middle of 2011. He is group leader at the Funky Feats, a friendly and funny dance group in SL. Always friendly, very helpful and equipped with the most wanted butt in SL (hehee..). Every Friday Cedar decorates the club with passion (i hate this job) and he jumps in as a host when i am to late. Thank you for all your help Cedar !

Carolus & Mac (special Parrot Heads, friends) : 

I saw Carolus the first time at the club beginning of 2010. And since that day i think he didn't miss to visit the Crazy Parrot Club one single day ! He supported the club and helped us with the sim when i was not able to take care about it. A special friend and a loyal Parrot Head ! 

His girlfriend Mac joined us beginning of 2011 and we are glad she did. I still can remember the first day i saw her at the club. She had a pink dress on, looked a little bit messed up (of course because she was just a few days old), and didnt undestand one single word because she talked spanish only. Mac is one of the sweetest and friendliest persons i know in SL. We are happy to have you at the club and your english is great ! 

Icantexp Lange (DJ, friend) : 
He is one of my oldest SL friends and he worked at the Crazy Parrot Club even before i was born in SL. He is always a gentleman and he loves to dance. His DJ talents are unique and his Beatles and Who songs are well known at the club. He teached me a better english and he was there for me every day while i had my worst time in SL. I want to thank you for being there for me when i was alone and i needed help and i am glad you are still here for me and the club.

Miko (Earthchild) (
special Parrot Head, friend) :
I saw her the first time at the club with Carolus, beginning of 2010. Small girl and old man. Thats what i thought at first lol. Now Miko is gone, but she came back as Earthchild, and we are glad you came back. For me you are still Miko, a special person with a special sense of humor - and i love your humor ! Your comic links are well known, you are ALWAYS happy (you still need to tell me which pills you take lol) and Parrots would not be the same without you. Thank you for being there and for being a friend.

(special Parrot Head, friend) 
I think i saw Morgan the first time at the club beginning of 2010. Well, not as Morgan ... Your first avatar "disapeared", but you came back as Morgan and we are glad you did ! T-shirt, blue jeans and glasses, thats how i would describe Morgan. She is the only official Crazy Parrot Club Resident who lives above the club, and a part-time blogger for the Crazy Parrot Club (I really loved your posts). A friendly person who can take even bad jokes without beeing pissed off. We listened to eachothers SL and RL problems and i am glad to call you a friend.

Robinella Muliaina (DJ, friend) : 
Robin started to DJ at the Parrots Club (i think this was) in 2010. I cant say it for sure because a long time i knew Robin as a very quiet person. Then i noticed she must be shy (are you Robin ? i still dont know it, hehe ). Then i got problems to sleep in RL and i was awake the whole night. So i could join Robins shows regular. Now i can say, Robin is one of the most intelligent people i know in SL and a talented DJ with a special sense for rock music. I enjoy each conversation with you and i know your times are not easy. That's why i am very proud you are still here and i want to thank you.

Rene Wildcat (DJ, friend) : 
Yes, i know a lots of people got a smile on their faces now while reading this part.  Rene is the guy with the weird yellow shoes (clogs), the odd green hat and he is always topless ! I met you the first time 25.December 2010 and i know this for sure because you was DJing at an other club. And yes, it was a strip club (blushes). I spent my christmas evening there with my best SL friend and with you, Djing 6 long hours long whiskey songs just to make me drunk. And you did a great job ! You started to DJ at the Crazy Parrot Club beginning of 2011. You are one of the most honest people i know and thats a big treasure, especially in SL. You have been there for me when i had my worst SL time, and you took care about my RL when i was not able to do it. You are a very special person and i am glad i know you. Thank you for all.


Also i want to thank all Parrot Heads for being a Parrot Head and for supporting the club. Without all of you the club would not be the same and we are glad to have you in our "community". Each single Parrot Head is a reason to continue with our work and we LOVE to do it !

Have a wonderful start in 2013 and hope to see eachother in 2013 again !

- Fiona Scorfield -

Happy New Year 2013 !!

The Crazy Parrot Club wishes everyone 
Happy New Year and all the Best for 2013 !

Your Crazy Parrot Team 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sunday Afternoon with Butterfly

Hi Parrot Heads,
enclosed some pictures of our lovely sunday afternoon with DJ Butterfly and looots of butterflys;)

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Tiki surprise party

As you might have noticed the Crazy Parrot has moved to a new location :)
We hope you like the look of the new club.

Here some pictures of last nights event :)