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Operation Grateful Hands :
 „We are a volunteer organization that helps families of deployed military members, disabled veterans and their families, and spouses of veterans who are widows/widowers. The help provided consists of minor home repairs. When repairs to a home are urgent and unaffordable, Operation Grateful Hands provides the labor and/or materials for such repairs. Projects are undertaken one at a time. The organization is not capable to undertake "major" home repairs or reconstruction. "Major" repairs, as understood by the organization, includes, but is not limited to: foundation work, electrical rewiring, removal of load-bearing walls, cases involving toxic and/or biohazard situations, and lead based paint abatement. Remodeling, unless required due to original repairs that are necessary, is not to be undertaken. Independent contractors of varying specialties will be available to evaluate each potential job, as the goal of the organization is to get community businesses and their employees involved in a community volunteer organization for the support of the aforementioned candidates. When the lodge has approved a project, the organization will solicit the community for volunteers and materials.