Tuesday, January 22, 2013

This Friday - Suzan Littlething LIVE

Hi Parrot Heads,

this Friday, 25.January at 12pm-1pm slt our wonderful Suzan Littlething is going to have her first LIVE SHOW at the Crazy Parrot Club !

Suzan always sings live, plays guitar live and even writes own songs which she is going hopefully to perform this Friday for us ;)

The first time i saw Suzan's show, i was so impressed. Especially when she sang her own songs. That's why i am very proud to have Suzan at the Crazy Parrot Club and i am sure you will love her too !

Also please don't forget, we have
"Rocky Horror Picture Night" and I'm looking forward to see fantastic and creative costumes ! 

Please note : Unlike all other Fridays, our Event this Friday is going to start one hour sooner ( 11am - 4pm slt ) !
Come on over, bring your friends, your sweetheart, your neighbor, don't miss Suzans wonderful voice and join our party !

Yours, Fi ;)

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