Saturday, February 11, 2012

Demo Night Picks

Guess who is in the pic :)

Demo demo demo lalalalala

Lalalalala whisky

Somewhere searching for fi

Fishing on Calypso Island

Monday, February 6, 2012

Introducing myself !!!

Hello all,
Let me introduce myself..
I'm Monique Smadga and i'm the new Dj-Manager @ The Crazy Parrot Club !!
Born and raised in the Netherlands so thats makes me a crazy Dutchie ;)
My hobbies are: shopping (yeahh a lot ), hunts, dancing, hang out with friends and
friendly people all over sl, managing,  hosting, talking..**oooh i do that a lot you will see hahha.**
and lots more.
I'm a old soul in sl so nuthing i not seen yet lolz...
Come and see me at the club or hit a friendly IM inworld (not all together please rofl ), oooh i
have to warn you i typ fluence typonese !!!

Big Hugs and luv

Ps: you see, im there looking impatiently for you to come and meet me !!!!!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Jummy Jummy Jummy i got burgers in my tummy

Fridays BBQ Pictures :)

The Lombardians having burgers and fries

Some more burgers for Mac and Cedar

Dolphin wasnt hungry so Vicky had to eat his portion aswell (and as you can see, she wasnt happy about it)

Who said all you can eat? Well why not its free anyways :P

He said he was going to take her to a fancy restaurant

I have 2 hamburgers (well one invisible one)

Annan having some delicious steak with fries

And poor Norith didn't get any (we send him a doggy bag)

Lets dance and train off those extra pounds

The delicious food was brought to you by Molly from the Paradise Beach Restaurant
(great place to go ones for a nice romantic dinner)

Like Log houses? we have some new ones for rent ;)