Live Artists

We are proud to have some of the best live artists in SL and here we would like to introcuce the Crazy Parrot live musicians, live groups, etc. :

Suzan Littlething

Suzan is a singer/songwriter, who is influenced by artists like The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Simon & Garfunkel, CSNY, Cat Stevens, Eagles, Jason Mraz, Sarah McLauglan and much more.

Suzan plays 60ies, rock, pop, indie, folk & her own original tunes.
Her voice covers playfully a wide range from sweet and lovely to rockin' and dirty.

And Suzan is LIVE & ACOUSTIC!

Live means no backing tracks, a lady with her guitar - clear, emotional, pure .. and fun! :-) !

Want to know more about Suzan ? Please read : 

Article about Suzan


Somewhereintime Jupiter
Somewhereintime Jupiter is a  Vocalist/Guitarist/Musician... born in SL in May 2009 and began his singing career here after carefully learining about streaming from some great singers, club owners, and managers.  Somewhwere is  for hire for your Venue, Private Party, or Wedding.  He is also a vocalist in RL for many years and records a great deal of music.

Somewhere sings Ballads, Pop, R& B, Melodic Jazz, Blues, and Country. Actually he grew up singing the blues early in his life and it helped  develop his own unique signature style to sing other types of music.  He loves to sing ballads and love songs but  can also pump it up and get you dancing too. "SL is for relaxing and having fun and so I try to make it a pleasant experience for everyone" ! 

Somewhere is a powerful and romantic vocalist with beautiful tone that will leave you breathless and wanting more. 
You will feel him forever in your heart and soul.


Annan Dreamscape 

Annan Dreamscape is a vocalist with a pure, sweet voice and a love of all types of music.  She has been singing in SL since May of 2008 and performs a wide variety of musical styles. She is also an acomplished duet singer.. dual streaming with many of SL's premier performers. 


Wolem Wobbit

Mr. Wobbit is my avatars name, and I perform my music in SL.
Over 20 years of real music experience after a longer family break I recovered making music in SL and love to perform here.

My program includes

- Blues
- Jazz
- Folk
- Ballads
I perform cover music as well as own compositions and lyrics.
I am able to play concerts of different specific genres, as pure blues-, jazz- or acousticsets. But also mixed progams were quite successful in the past.
Usually i play in my own little bluesclub in the "Castle in the Sky". I built up a specific environment there to entertain the public .
Now I decided to play a world tour to play in different places to many different people.



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