Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Last weeks pictures - JUNGLE NIGHT !!

A little late but better late than never :)

Tiger attacks on the dance floor

Kelly poking somewhereintime with a spear

Guess whose butt this is and you might win a prize :)

Last Sunday Spanish Night. Oleee!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wild Side

Are you crazy? If you are, why aren't you here? It's the best club for the insane. We have contests, as you can see on the other blogs. We have stores near by. We try to make them unique and one of a kind! You don't have to worry about cost because everything and I mean EVERYTHING is affordable! Get this club rockin' , hit up these shops, and most importantly....unleash your wild side! Let's face it...everyone's crazy, but compared to us, they're nothing of that kind! Lol

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Cupido Bob & Dating terminal Update

I gave the dating terminal a slightly different look and replaced the information notecard with a simple IM message.

Cupido Bob now has the ability to inform people that are online and not at the Crazy Parrot about matches being in the club (he will only do this during singles night!)

All information that is asked when you signed up on the dating terminal is now used to match people together. Cupido Bob will only match you with what you are looking for. And ontop of that it also keeps the timezone in mind :)

Yesterdays Pulp Fiction Night with Best Gangster and Cops

The party started great with lots of cool costumes :)

Then everyone went crazy and put plungers on their heads

Two shocked people in front of the pier

Anj live

Friday, November 11, 2011

Today = Best Gangster and Cops

Tonight at the Crazy Parrot
Best Gangster and Cops "Pulp Fiction- The Movie"

With live performer Anj Gustafson & Dance Group The Funky Feats

Time to get all dressed up again and head to the crazy parrot :)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What do we insane avies need? We needc spice. We need change.We need everything that's unique. At the club you can unleash your insanity! The shops near by are illed with wonderful items.

Fiona's shop has a dating board for people to sign up to hopefully find someone like them who they can bond with. Hehe...the romantic way. There is also a parrot that rests on people's arms. If you click it it'll give you a lm to the club! Not only does it give a LM, it's animated and moves!

The other shops are wonderful too.

We have houses for sale, clothing, gestures, art, and sooo many other shops with their great ideas!

Nirvana Shop needs ideas for what should be in the store. If you get creative and have an idea, put it in the idea circle. I will then give you everything in the store - FREE -

Contact: Lauree Seerose.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Crazy Parrot Dating terminal 4.0 is out NOW :)

And its already at the Crazy Parrot.
This is a big update with various bug and stability fixes.

There are also 2 new buttons on the terminal "Update Pic" and "Update Web".
"Update Pic" will update your picture on the website
and "Update Web" will allow you to show or hide your profile on the website.

There are also some mayor improvements in the matching system.
It's just Crazy how many events we've had! The best in 50's worked out great. maccaros won 1st, carolus 2nd, Bob one 3rd places!

What's a club without a little humor? Karaoke! Bob sang along with Amanda and some others. Then Somewhereintime showed us how to sing! If you missed it, hopefully we'll have another.

Hahaha - Everyone was on whisky except Fiona!

If we had the 50s contest, we can't forget to include the 60s! The 60s contest was even better than the 50s!

Once again we went through time. Back to the 70s! Hippies goin' crazy. Protests carried out by the people. No. Not really. But one statements true. it sure was filled with crazy 70s hippies.

It was the first time that Annan Dreamscape sang at Paorrot. She's a live musician. She was wonderful! Her next show will be on December 23rd!

Monday, November 7, 2011

amazing weekend and events

woo wooo my crazy parrots!!! last weeked was awsome at the club!!! a lot of events, live singers, great dances from funky feats group... lots of good ppl, lots of fun and... party party party!!! plz check the events tab and stay tunned about all the fun comming up!!!!! ;) yours as always *Dj Bfly*

Last saturday "Best in 60s" event

For the first time at the crazy parrot Annan Dreamscape

Dating terminal update/updates

Iv done some updates to the dating terminal and the web page: http://thecrazyparrotclub.blogspot.com/p/singles.html

And will do quite a few more this week.

Now you can see the total registered singles on the website including the ones not showed on the website.
Iv also updated the image cache for the pictures. As there was a problem with showing the profile pictures on the website.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Last friday "Best in 50s" event

Kellie, Somewhere and CalypsoBob

Improvised karaoke after party

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Crazy Every Day

This place gets crazier every day! With the huge parrot tip jar and the mini parrots on their shoulders, who would want to miss a night at this club? Not me. Not them. And once you come, you'll get hooked on crazyness. It's a drug, I tell you! A spoon full of crazy makes the medicine go down. Lol. Come join the party !!