Friday, March 9, 2012

After a long day of plowing fields and milking...

Fridays at Parrots are so fun! Sweaty sometimes, but fun. This event, with a Farmers theme (I know!!! random, but fun :P ) was a hoot for all involved, and Morgan had a good time, as always.

I left with an insane urge to drink some milk, but was sated with all the fun chat and crazy cow antics, not to mention we were all feeling pretty smart playing trivia  too. Heh.  The Funky Feats provided some sweet moves, (milkshake) and after DJ's Butterfly and Bob warmed us up, Somewhereintime Jupiter took to the stage, sans cow... HMM. ;)

Here's some snaps, before I had to dash.. Parrots is one of, if not THE friendliest places to tip a cow... I mean, dance and hang out. Come on over :)

Whatchoo lookin at?

Ohh, Nothin...

This one was nice.

Moooooving and grooving.

Poor cows, are not used to this!

Calypso Bob and Somewhere have a devoted fan in Henny. 

Friday, March 2, 2012

Walk like an Onigokko

or, more properly, Egyptian. Hello everyone. It's Morganeowyn doing a fly by contribution to Parrots Blog!

I spent some time at Parrots Egyptian themed event this Friday March 2. It's always tricky finding the time to log in for these fun events, and I am so glad I got the time for this one. A great time was to be had, dancing, running (onigokko animation, hilarious!) and falling down (my fave). 

I went a little snap happy, and I am out of practice taking screens, heh, but here's some fun ones.

Helllllooo Mr. Camel Butt. (I moved)

That's better. He's a happy one, so that was good!

Too cool to sit on a camel...

So I thought I would try. It's not as cool as I thought it would be... heh.

And now, for some of the great costumes... One of the coolest things about SL, you get to play dress up! Everyone looked awesome :)

Parrot overseeing everyone...  all the booze is still in one piece.

Falling down...

Falling up. Damn, we're good!

Good music, good people, and good times are to be had!

Now, about that whiskey... Until next time, see ya at The Crazy Parrot!