Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What do we insane avies need? We needc spice. We need change.We need everything that's unique. At the club you can unleash your insanity! The shops near by are illed with wonderful items.

Fiona's shop has a dating board for people to sign up to hopefully find someone like them who they can bond with. Hehe...the romantic way. There is also a parrot that rests on people's arms. If you click it it'll give you a lm to the club! Not only does it give a LM, it's animated and moves!

The other shops are wonderful too.

We have houses for sale, clothing, gestures, art, and sooo many other shops with their great ideas!

Nirvana Shop needs ideas for what should be in the store. If you get creative and have an idea, put it in the idea circle. I will then give you everything in the store - FREE -

Contact: Lauree Seerose.

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