Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It's just Crazy how many events we've had! The best in 50's worked out great. maccaros won 1st, carolus 2nd, Bob one 3rd places!

What's a club without a little humor? Karaoke! Bob sang along with Amanda and some others. Then Somewhereintime showed us how to sing! If you missed it, hopefully we'll have another.

Hahaha - Everyone was on whisky except Fiona!

If we had the 50s contest, we can't forget to include the 60s! The 60s contest was even better than the 50s!

Once again we went through time. Back to the 70s! Hippies goin' crazy. Protests carried out by the people. No. Not really. But one statements true. it sure was filled with crazy 70s hippies.

It was the first time that Annan Dreamscape sang at Paorrot. She's a live musician. She was wonderful! Her next show will be on December 23rd!

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