Monday, August 15, 2011

Fairytale Contest Tonight

Hey Guys - This is my first post so I am hoping I got it right LOL.

Mod and I are running a best fairytale contest tonight at 6 til 8 slt.

As you can appreciate its quite a wide area so you can have some fun with it. There will be L$500 in total prize money and you will also get me (Dave Barmy) Djing for you and the wonderful hostess Modesty Barmy. I play mainly classic rock but with some different stuff thrown in too, but if you dont like what I am playing then request what you want and if I can get it I will play it.

Anyway come on over and support your fave club in sl.


  1. Well done dave ! :)
    And we hope to read looooots of more of you :)

    Have fun with your contest and big hug to you and mod !
    Fi :)

  2. Wish i could come and dress up but am asleep at that time, have lots of fun guys :)