Sunday, January 29, 2012

This Saturday (4th feb) FREE HAMBURGERS !!!

The Crazy Parrot Club BBQ Night
with Annan Dreamscape LIVE !!

Saturday, 4th February
BBQ at the Crazy Parrot Club? YES!
The Crazy Parrot Club presents our first BBQ Night in cooperation with Paradise Beach Restaurant!
12-4pm slt you can grab a free table, and the Paradise Beach Restaurant owner Molly Kestrel is happy to serve you our best sausages and burgers, grilled by our wonderful DJ Bob!

And while you enjoy your meal, Annan Dreamscape will sing live 3 till 4pm slt !

What a fun !! And the best - food for free, best music and wonderful people at the same place!

Hope to see you there!
Everyone is welcome!


  1. Camel and horse burgers available by request.
    If you want horse burgers plz let me know in advanced because they will be fresh :P

  2. Hope you didnt want to say the other food was NOT fresh !
    Everything was fresh, everyone liked it and noone was sick after our BBQ ! :)