Sunday, October 30, 2011

Crazy Cold

Welcome yourself to the craziest place. But make sure you watch out for the wild! Come in a -Don't mess with me - tone then you are less likely to catch the crazy cold...It's not the best idea cuz bein' this way is the way to be!
Rock on! With popular rock, the best of classial rock, some blues, and you can't forget the oldies!
It's not just a club. It's not your typical place to dance! By far and I mean By Far! It's a place to make money, have fun, and go wild! These contests aren't like others - They are unique ideas, never seen at clubs before. Regual clubs don't have this spunk! They don't have this wondeful taste of fun. The staff is a major reason people come back.
Everyday we have Djs. - (From 12 pm - 8 pm SL time)Every Friday we haved live musicians and themed events!
**This monday we have our second BIG halloween event with contests.
Who other then Morganmeow and Cutevicky will turn the day around? When they show up, the roof is torn up! They are every day partiers. The know how to add some spunk because they know this is the best of clubs. They're ready and willing. They will give you that crazy cold!

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